Adel Sadek Law Firm

Law Office & Patent Attorney in Cairo, Egypt

Guide our customers - Focus on their visions
Taking their strategies seriously
Help them achieve their goals and protect them

Those are the criteria upon which the Office of Adel Sadek Law Firm's policies and objectives in the service of its clients.

Adel Sadek Law Office specializes in meeting all the various legal needs of clients, whether they are natural or legal persons and through a working group composed of a number of lawyers who provide assistance to clients in both Arabic and English.

The scope of our practice as a law firm covers a large number of branches of law such as commercial law, criminal law, business law, corporate law, civil law, real estate, investment law, personal affairs laws and intellectual property protection laws.

Practice Areas
 • Provide legal advice
 • Protection of intellectual and industrial property
 • Preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements
 • Personal Laws
 • Provide immigration advice
 • Establishing companies
 • Real Estate Services
 • Preparation of feasibility studies
 • Arbitration in civil and commercial disputes
 • Legal Translation

In Adel Sadek Law Office , our goal is to provide legal services to elevate the profession and through the use of the best local and international expertise in various areas of law.
We also adopt the highest ethical and professional standards, and we are committed to understanding the legal and commercial requirements of our customers, both current and future, which we can provide innovative and creative solutions to legal issues and business challenges facing them.

Adel Sadel, Law Office and Patent Attorney

Maat or ma'at the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice.
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