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Practice Areas
• Providing Legal Advice
We provide legal advice on the issues which have caused serious conflict before the courts or possible conflict to occur in the future and the purpose of counseling in these cases is to define the rule of law and stand on the prospects for a verdict is in favor of our customer or not.
Counseling may be on a particular issue that is not in dispute, where our client then ask us the advice to be sure that his actions are not subjected to questioning or loss or to fill gaps that could benefit a third party from a contract with our customer.

• Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property
We register and document the rights that protect humanitarian thought and creativity that include patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications.
Intellectual property rights are divided according to the normal division into two main parts: industrial property, and artistic & literary property.
One of the most important images of industrial property patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, trade names, geographical indications. The artistic and literary property include copyright and associated rights of performers and producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations and called rights related to copyright.
Intellectual property in its two branches differs from physical property ownership because the right in all intellectual property picture does not appear on the physical money or movable property, but it responds to something that is tangible which is the mental production of man in various forms, a significant money has financial value. As different intellectual property rights for personal rights, because these rights are legal bond between the creditor and the debtor, and this association does not exist in the different forms of intellectual property.
Forms of intellectual property:
Patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyright industrial property are kind of intellectual property and thus related to the human mind inventions, and these innovations is a private inventions and industrial designs are simply solutions to technical problems, the industrial designs are innovations aesthetic sets appearance of industrial products, and moreover, include industrial property trademarks and service marks, names and designations of Commerce, including the source and appellations of origin, protection from unfair competition, and in this regard, it is noted that the appearance of innovations intellectual is less visible though it already exists.

• Preparation of Feasibility Studies
We prepare a study for new entrepreneurs to study the possibility of the success of the project and its implementation, describing the feasibility study of the project, required investments and the expected return from the external influences that could affect the project, such as the State Law, competition and technological developments.

• Establishing Companies
We have significant experience in advising clients on the formation of local companies, the establishment of branch and representative offices of foreign companies, commercial agencies. Our firm advises and assists clients in the areas of corporate acquisitions, sales and restructuring.

• Preparing and Reviewing Contracts and Agreements
We prepare and review legal contracts and agreements between the parties, which are needed to establish the legal form of a project and the subsequent formulation to ensure that no violation of the law, and not to oppose any of the items or articles of a contract or conflict with each other.

• Real Estate Services
The legal concept of the Real Estate Services is to provide services to customers through an integrated system to verify the authenticity of the real estate data offered by the seller to them until the procurement process correctly free of any defects or problems that may arise as a result of any incorrect data offered by the seller for them.
Real estate services that we offer to our clients include property management service where we do the legal investigation desire entrusted to benefit the physical maximum of his estate - through set-ups to ensure the highest return material as possible for the real estate from the licenses necessary legal until the writing sales or lease contracts for the real estate. Real estate management also include property leasing and in this case, the property is a complex and residential units or office or a shopping mall or tourist residential complex.
Property management operations include the following:
- Running the property at full capacity by increasing its competitiveness.
- To ensure the safety and continuity of the property through the maintenance and needed safety necessary means.
- The collection of rents.
- The legal follow-up of each property and edit dues for decades units.

• Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Disputes
Arbitration procedures are an exceptional way to settle disputes and a way different from the regular forms of litigation and the arbitration clause of public order and the court does not mean with such work on its own and may be waived expressly or implicitly and falls right where by raising too late to speak on the subject.
Law 27 of 1994 defined the arbitration agreement in article (10) that Arbitration agreement is an agreement by the parties to resort to arbitration to settle all or certain disputes which have arisen or which may arise between them on the occasion of a particular legal relationship, whether contractual or non-contractual.
Agreement may be an earlier arbitration on the dispute, both stand-alone or mentioned in a particular contract on all or some of the disputes that may arise between the parties, and shall specify the subject of the dispute in the statement of claim referred to in the first paragraph of Article (30) of the Act , as may be agreed to arbitration after the dispute if it has been established would proceedings before a judicial body and in this case must specify the matters covered by the agreement arbitration unless the agreement is void. The agreement to arbitrate all referral contained in the contract to a document containing an arbitration clause if the referral and clear in consideration of the arbitration clause part of the contract.

• Provide Immigration Advice
We provide legal advice to the migration by applying the laws and policies of the Immigration and Nationality.

• Personal Affairs
According to the definition of the personal status law and the statement of what it means to the Personal Status Law is a set of legal rules governing the relationship of individuals among themselves in terms of the link ratios and marriage and resulting from the affinity and the birth and state custody and reciprocal rights and duties and may undergo the dissolution entail rights to alimony, custody and inheritance.
We offer services related to Personal Status or Civil Status in the following points:
1. Marriage and its provisions.
2. All about divorce and its provisions and effects of expense.
3. All about the provisions of the inheritance, and doctrine called the provisions of the statutes.

• Legal Translation
We offer quality, professional legal and certified translation, interpreting and associated language services.
The language of legal work requires the highest standards of accuracy and precision - double meanings and ambiguity can be costly and frustrating in your own language, imagine if you are working with clients or witnesses who speak another tongue, or written material and contracts in another language.

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Preparation of Feasibility Studies


Real Estate Services


Arbitration in civil and commercial disputes


Personal Affairs
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